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This site uses user driven content, each user is responsible for the content and opinions in their posts. The owners of the site JPPolitics LLC do not necessarily share the opinions of the author of any post on the forums. This forum was created for Political commentary, News, Education, and entertainment purposes. Please read the rules carefully before posting on the forums.

General Forum Rules
(These rules apply to the entire site)

1. No posting private information without consent. We will delete the posts and you will likely not have access for at least a couple of days, if not permanently. Private information would be information that could be used to find out who you are and/or where you live, how to contact you and/or information about a person's life that was not made public by posting it on this board. Using personal information, in a non-explicit way, in order to harass another user will result in a likely permanent ban depending on the level of disruption and type of information. Some information it is illegal to release (for example: HIPAA, if you happen to find out about somebody's health records it would be illegal to tell people here about it unless they have given you written permission to do so), therefore if you happen to know it, don't release it or we'll be forced to take action to end such release. If you post your own information it is the same thing as giving permission for others to use that information, please be careful what you post so you do not give information that you do not want public. This is a public forum that guests can read, any information you post is available to the public.

2. PMs are Private Messages, they will remain Private... This will be strictly adhered to by all involved on this board. We cannot access anybody's PMs and we don't plan on acquiring the ability to do so. The only reason we would access another's PMs would be if we were required to by law, or if they are reported by the recipient using the reporting function which will place the PM in an area readable by the Admin Team. Reputation comments are not PMs and should be treated as any publicly accessible information.

3. Please do not flood the board with multiple same-subject Threads. Multiple threads will be merged, when I have the energy... and deleted when I don't.
3B. Threads are to remain consistent with the forum they are posted in (E.G. Current events go in Current Events, and so on).

4. We expect all posts to be made in English... This is for consistency. It does not necessarily mean the occasional remark or short convo in another language is bad, just keep it to a minimum folks...

5. When Posting Copyrighted Material.. All material posted from copyrighted material MUST contain a link to the original work. Proper format is to post the first few paragraphs and then link to the article for the rest. Please don't repost entire articles here.
Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107

6. Unless you buy advertising or have my permission, you cannot advertise on my site! Those posts will be deleted, you will lose access to the site.

7. No advertising pics or links in sigs unless scanned and allowed by the staff. This also alludes to rule number 6. Sigs that have "quotes" from another member must link to the post they are from, or they must list where the quote is attributable to the user. (e.g. "This quote is from Generic's Signature line"). If we get complaints and the quotes are unattributed and not linked in any way they will be removed.

8. Please post pictures as hotlinks from the original source whenever possible. Please avoid adding them as attachments. (copyright laws also do apply here...)

9. All posts, once submitted, are public and are readable by the public; posting your own original content on the site allows, in perpetuity, the owners of full rights to the work. All posts are the views of the author and do not necessarily agree with the views of the forum owners (JPPolitics LLC). While you are responsible for the content of your posts we do retain the right to republish, change, alter, or delete any post made on the site for any reason and/or at the request of owners of previously copyrighted material. This is not automatically done and the wholly volunteer admin staff cannot be expected to delete or alter posts immediately at the time of request, all requests to do so will be taken on a case by case basis.

10. Dual Accounts - Don't go overboard. I'll allow a couple, but myriad accounts will not be allowed... and duplicates used to break rules will result in temp banning for all accounts... and removal of duplicates.

11. No Posing. Definition: Creating a "troll" account that matches another user's account. These accounts will be banned, leaving your other account open. Unless it was done for the purpose of intimidation, you will likely lose permanently all access to the site if such is the case.

12. Rule 12 - Limits on sexual content:

12(a) - No Porn. This is not a porn site. It will be deleted. If it is constant you will likely lose access to the board. The board is for debate not sexual content. This includes nude photos and links to such as well as graphic stories of sexual encounters. This is a politics site, not a site for sexual gratification.

12(b) - No sexual comments relating to minors. With the exception of news articles about the subject, or a mature discussion involving stats, how it effects people etc. or in regard to political public figures. (examples, video of Biden with children in the Senate, Trump images with his daughter in his lap, etc. stuff like that. If the political figure is a member of this board, you cannot bring it here though...) We especially DO NOT want ANY mention in ANY context about suggesting encounters with another member and a child, or with yourself and another poster's child, nor any mention of underage children of any members being sexually assaulted, sexually molested, raped, members being accused of pedophilia, suggesting members may have been molested as a kid, having vague references to any of the former, having a "clever" play on words with a wink and a nod that might suggest any of the former, any slight references, WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF IT. Do not try to approach the line to test us to see what one can get away with, if you approach the line, chances are you will not receive the benefit of the doubt.

12(c) - Language that is sexually violent (e.g. rape/incest/graphic sex details that simply go 'too far') and/or is used in a manner to harass other users may be removed at moderator discretion without notice or apology, and could end up resulting in a ban if we get tired of repeatedly having to edit posts made by the same individuals over and over.

13. No Self-Moderation of the Board. Definition: making a thread unreadable through using extra large fonts or other means to block usage of a thread/forum. Rules will be enforced by the Administration or by Staff Members... Let's be adult here....

14. The treatment of Incendiary Troll accounts. Definition: Posting solely for reaction, to harass, or stalk. Whether single or secondary, those accounts posting solely for reaction and/or harassment and not contributing to the discussion in any way post at the sole discretion of the JPP Admin Team and may be removed at any moment.

15. No posting slurs of any kind in thread titles in the political or announcement area, it will result in the title being changed and may result in a ban for repeat offenders. (This is to ensure Twitter doesn't ban our account).

16. Quote Box Altering:

One can alter a quote box by removing some of a wall of text to expose the specific part you are responding to, or splitting it apart so you can respond to each item one at a time. However, altering the words posted and changing the meaning of what they said for whatever reason (a joke for instance) is not allowed unless you change the "quoted by" portion of the quote to make it clear that the original poster did not post what you are "making" them say. We will begin by deleting these posts, and if it continues we will get into banning. I will update this rule with changes until it settles in.


A bad "quote" that we would delete:

Boy I love to Watch folks burn flags, especially if they are also supporting the slaughter of innocents!

An altered "quote" that would not be deleted:

Boy I love to Watch folks burn flags, especially if they are also supporting the slaughter of innocents!

17. Any issues with the Moderation of the board must be taken up in PM with the staff.
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Rules for the Above Plain Politics Forum
(These rules apply solely to the APP Forum) <-- Please note, these rules apply there only...

This subforum has been created to encourage a higher level of conversation and debate. This subforum inherits all site wide rules, and has some additional caveats:

1. No racism, sexism, homophobia, general bigotry
2. No insults directed at specific individuals
3. No trolling
4. No flaming
5. No "Message Board Wars," please check personal vendettas at the door
6. No thread de-railment. Please stay on topic.

Please be courteous, kind, patient, intelligent and receptive to one another

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Please report violations of the above, preferably with what rule you believe was violated.

Minor offenses/slip ups will have posts deleted/moved/edited.

Repeat offenders/those that show blatant disregard for the criteria, or those that are particularly nasty will be silenced from the forum for a amount of time deemed appropriate by mods after taking all the facts into consideration

( reserves the right to alter the rules at any time, by revising this post.)
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