Jon Stewart is the new Bill Maher.

No, a centrist is a conservative. No such thing as a center. Clinton made that up to pretend not to attack the left.

To a far left loon, a centrist is a conservative.

The Founders crafted a govt. that demands a centrist approach.
You are a bore.
You better open up your checkbook.

'It's already disastrous': Biden campaign fundraising takes a major hit​

"The money has absolutely shut off" to the Biden campaign, another source close to Biden's re-election said.
They are just telling the truth, Biden is an old man, too old to be running for President, but they also say the option is a narcissistic felon who lacks a moral compass, can’t blame them for being honest

As I’ve said, people will vote for who they don’t want to be President rather than for the individual candidates
People like the OP think they can bull/gaslight us into unseeing what we see.
I guess I'm just one of those old guys who didn't realize that you are not allowed to question your candidate about anything, ever, no matter what. Just because 50 percent of Democratic voters do not believe that Biden has the cognitive and physical ability to finish a second term, we are NOT ALLOWED TO QUESTION THE ADMINISTRATION ABOUT SUCH THINGS. We are to shut the fuck up and not express our opinions. Because voicing concerns about Biden after the trainwreck is just trying to be a 'cool kid'. Yeah, that's me for sure. This might be the most arrogant, disastrous response I have ever seen from and administration, and rather than quelling concerns, they have let them fester. But don't say anything, or you will be labeled a Trump supporter.

This response is no different than a Trumper believing everything he tells them. Carry on.
Yep, it's: "How dare you talk about what you saw! Sit down and shut the fuck up!".
And after the primary if the winner goes into a comma or gets busted for child porn or shoots someone on Fifth Ave?
Also, we didn't have a "primary". No serious Democrat challenged Biden. Even the Republicans had debates (to be fair, they all quickly dropped out and kissed trump's ass).