Opinion: Why we’re having less sex

You are making this shit up our your ass and commiserating with another miserable poster.
Trolling MAGAt.

FWIW, a few years ago I had Low-T and was giving myself injections. Since it's a controlled substance due to abusers, I was tested every three months. After 6 months it went high, so the doctor ordered a lesser amount. 3 months later it was still high, so he ordered me to stop. Three months later it was normal. I don't know why and the doctor said it happens sometimes.

“Collectively, these data exhibit a strong pattern: counties that voted Republican in the 2016 election had overall worse health outcomes than those that voted Democrat. We hope that this strong relationship can guide improvements in healthcare policy legislation at the county level.”

Then how would they find that out? Maybe they just are better at picking up the toxic masculinity red flags. I know a lot of attractive women that are harassed on the daily. Maybe they’ve decided the bs isn’t worth it.

It appears those factors align perfectly with male MAGA supporters.
I wouldn't doubt it, C.
In my experiences workplaces were huge for hooking up. Pre-Covid the workplace was somewhere you spent 40 - 60 hours a week (if not more). Then say you do happy hours together etc. it creates an environment that brings people close together.

My daugher is only seven but I talk to friends who have teenage kids and they speak about how much time their kids spend at home on their devices (with their friends) instead of out and about with each other. Not suggesting teen kids should be having a lot of sex but it contributes to the lower numbers.

And think about even boards like this. In the past you had to go out to communicate with people. Now people can sit at home and speak to people all over the world and no one is having sex that way.