Why It's Good to Be Surrounded By Like Minded Individuals

I dont mind being around people who agree with me, and I dont mind being around people who dont.....but I do insist upon being around people who process reality....the FantasyLand Creatures have nothing to offer me.....I am Zen....I am here to learn.
I suppose I should mention again that I sometimes riff on titles, not reading the opening post.

This is one of those times.
I mean if the title does not correspond to the post, which tends to happen rather often here, that is not my fault or problem.

Maybe folks should turn in better work.
Where are you gonna find a buncha people to hang out with who have brains as small as yours?
Wtf are you doing here, Decrepititus?

As if you've never seen that before.


I got one for guno, too. :D

I don't thing rDerp is going to show here.
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I hear all the time that conservatives like to coddle themselves in enclaves on social media that are echo chambers.
But what I see here on this forum is idiotic fighting between conservative, conservative libertarians and the hard left.
So much name calling .... so much vulgarity ....

What we have on conservative leaning social media is more constructive discussions and brain storming.
I don't see that here.
Actually, it is the Left, and particularly the radical Left, that are insular and really have no idea what's going on outside their own little circle of like-thinking friends.

The Left controls the bulk of media and university campuses. The result is they hear only like-minded people spouting the same ideas they themselves have.

The point is, the Left is more insular and less open to differing opinions and ideas than the rest of the political spectrum