Happy Pride!!

Pride Month is not just for America any more!

Pride Around the World

Here's your problem...
You're attempting to make your mental problems ...our problem.
You need to deal with your issues more discretely.
Sin exists ....sin leads to negative karma. But understand that this negativity is generated on an individual basis.
What is a worse sin or outcome fir me may be different for you. We all have our own individual paths to follow.
Undestand me. I do not condemn you. You and I have each our own crosses (so to speak) to carry.
I wish you well.

Even St. Ronnie starred in a drag film during WWII.

GIs as Dolls: Uncovering the Hidden Histories of Drag Entertainment During Wartime​

"...The production [This Is The Army] went on to massive commercial success in the film version starring Ronald Reagan and George Murphy raising almost $10,000,000 for the relief fund’s efforts. There were essentially three types of drag performance that became commonplace in soldier shows during the WWII-era through the blueprint from This Is the Army. These performances included comedic routines, skilled feminine singers and dancers, and impersonators of female stars of the period."