Has China squandered its golden opportunity to overtake the US?

I would say yes they have, but we all know what Hawkeye will say. He is in thrall to the Chicoms sadly.

For decades, China has seen relentless growth in power and economic prosperity. But there are growing signs that the economic miracle has ended and that the path to further growth in the years ahead will be more difficult.

But does that mean China has lost its chance to ever overtake the United States?

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, adjusted for inflation, surged from $293 in 1985 to more than $12,000 in 2021. Demographics, exports and capital investments made this economic miracle possible.

China’s enormous population — the largest in the world until India’s recently surpassed it — served as cheap labor for assembling goods that were exported aggressively. Meanwhile, the government invested heavily in infrastructure to support this export-led growth model and boost standards of living.

However, China’s economy has shifted from export-centric to a consumer-led, debt-fueled model in recent years. This model is now at risk.

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Probably. Communists are shit for economies.
Sell me on Chinese leadership.
It's shitty.