Jade's Recipe Exchange - Decadence

I found this recipe that's good for people with certain food sensitivities. I'm thinking of sharing it with my brother. His wife is sensitive to gluten, soy, tomato, etc.

I'm allergic to pineapple. Gee thanks, Jade. :rofl2:

It does sound delicious, though.
I used to love to make my own bread by hand. This recipe looks good for trying something new since I'm used to making savory bread.

I thought it was about time we had a drink recipe. I promised to make Mom some virgin shakes from this recipe after she has her teeth pulled.

I wish I would have found this more towards the winter months, it sounds delicious.

We have so many blackberries each year that I've been looking for some good recipes. So far I've found this drink and a muffin recipe. Feel free to share any blackberry recipes you may have.