Teens who use marijuana are more likely to suffer psychotic disorders

Alcohol? Sure,...I have a few drinks,....sometimes even more than a few. BUT.....I have never been one of those mean and nasty drunks. Im the opposite. What they used to call a " good time Charlie"..LOL " Hey bartender....give that couple over there a drink, oh and get one for that guy in the funny hat,...annnnnd....those 3 women that just walked in, oh,...and get one for Ricky down at the end of the bar and his cousin franky too! " And if its a dance joint thats where you will find me,...out on the floor having a good time. Way better than being one of those mean drunk problem starters IMO. I stop fights,...not start them.
The New Slavers want us drugged up till the chains are all the way on and our will is broken....then they will maybe remove them in their sadism.

The more we are in pain the better for these regressive fucks.
You're a drug addict and an alcoholic. Why are you commenting on this?