Uh-oh, Reedy Creek will outlast DeSantis!

Disney still has a special district, renamed to give DiSantis cover. You guys were so sure against special districts... I said he would not end it, and he did not.

Now DiSantis's political career is dead, Disney lives.
Disney's stock has dropped from 197 per share to 110 per share since 2021 and DeSantis is still govenor and has a great shot in 2028. Disney Worlds crows have dropped 15.8% since 2022.

Disney Is Worried That Woke Is Ruining Their Brand After Consistent Flops

Disney's leisure business is influenced by multiple factors, including health concerns and the political environment. The company's intervention in the debate over Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill in March had significant repercussions. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded by revoking Disney’s special district status in the state, highlighting the cost of Disney's political engagement.

OH MY! It would appear DeSantis' dick is bigger than Disney's

In 2023, DeSantis announced he would rename the district to Central Florida Tourism Oversight District instead of dissolving it, and replace five-board members which has been selected by Disney, with a new board with five members hand-picked by the governor.[10] This was approved by the Florida state legislature on February 9 and 10, 2023.[11][36][37] The bill was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis on February 27.[38]
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centr...ntis announced he,hand-picked by the governor.
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it is threads like this that prove the left is a retarded echo chamber

not a single lefty idiot calls each other out for obvious idiocy

Disney lost big here. It isn't up for debate. They no longer control a special district. They dropped all lawsuits - and all they got in return was Florida agreeing to drop the counter suits
Disney used to control that district, now the district controls Disney.

Disney used to determine who was on the board of that district. now they don't

for you to come in here and gloat about a debate you lost is hilarious. this is exactly how shit stains act

You are simply wrong.
Sure they are. Fool

Reedy Creek lasted longer than your ability to debate this did

so you weaseled out of replying - I know why

The board is now nominated by the governor, and elected by the legislature. Also - no candidate can be employed by a theme park (like Disney)

so dipshit - admit you were wrong. show you have even the smallest shred of integrity - shock the world!