Has China squandered its golden opportunity to overtake the US?

Geebus. That one is called "Appeal to false authority fallacy"... not 'Expert Worship'...
No. He is not referencing anything. It is purely 'expert' worship.
:rolleyes: It's also not a fallacy if the expert is actually an expert.
He never named anyone. He is simply claiming that anyone that disagrees with him is not an 'expert'.

As far as 'experts' on JPP are concerned, there is no way to prove credentials on this or any other blind forum.

I happen to be, for example, a scientist (a physicist and chemist). No credential I claim means anything here.
I also happen to run a successful business. Again, no credential I claim means anything here.

Too many people claim some vague 'expert', never naming anyone, and treating what a vague 'expert' says as if it were infallible Scripture.

People, including those with expertise in a field, make mistakes all the time. No degree, title, license, certification, or any other government sanctification does NOT make one infallible or even an 'expert'.

Sorry, but I've met too many 'expert' programmers that couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag; too many 'expert' mechanics that don't know one end of a wrench from another; too many 'expert' chemists that don't even clean their equipment properly; too many 'expert' economists that guessed completely wrong in their speculations; too many 'expert' businessmen that wind up losing their business to bad management; too many 'expert' pilots that crashed due to pilot error; and too many 'expert' 'scientists' that are really just priests pushing their religion as 'science'.
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No. They took good advantage of it when they had that opportunity.
But now the Chinese government is in serious financial trouble, and money velocity is near nil.
The thing that Western so called experts who make that claim either dont know or lie about is that Russia and China have financial managers who are far superior in competence to Western managers. Another thing that escapes them is that Russia and China have completely different systems than the West does...they never bothered to learn....which is why they were/are so wrong about sanctions against Russia.....which have hurt the West far more than they hurt Russia....in fact Russia is stronger because of them.