What Song Are You Listening To, Right Now?


You lookin' at my pint?
There's one of these threads in the other place, so there should, by rights, be one here as well. Come on Damo, pull your finger out, son. It was your thread after all.;)

So, as the battle of the boards gets underway in earnest, what better tune to kick things off than -

Steelers Wheel - 'Stuck in the Middle'

And, no, there isn't a prize for the poster collecting the most ears from the other tribe.:rolleyes:

Good Day.
What's going on with this quick reply feature?

Why does everyone have pictures, I like to let the words do the talking. Pictures are a crutch for the textually challenged.

Runnin' - Pharcyde

and then

John Fahey - Persian Market
Please forgive me for this one, but...

Barry Manilow's version of "Memory".... :D (yu know, the song from CATS on broadway)

I saw the play in NYC, on Broadway, when there on business a decade ago, and I still get goose bumps and can tear when hearing Manilow's version...

ok, ok, ok....stop the shouting at me....telling me what a sap I am.... :)

hahaha, lol

This fine sunny morning -

Wayne County (now Jayne County) and the Electric Chairs - '(If You Don't Want To Fuck Me) Fuck Off'

You can't beat gender bending punk fruitloops, can you eh? Well, unless you're one of those frightful gay-bashing sorts, of course.

But nobody around here matches that description. Well, ok, maybe Brent. I could definately see him fisting another man with great enthusiasm.
Great excitement here in America Lite. Our glorious leader, Mr Tony, is coming to see you Americans, receive his upgrade and be issued his new orders.

According to the news media, Tony and George are going to discuss - "Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the fighting in Darfur, as well as how best to get "free and fair" trade. But it is the Middle East crisis which is likely to dominate as fighting continues in Lebanon."

Or, more likely, George is going to tell Tony about what he's been doing on his holidays, his theory that dogs are merely very small hairy Mexicans and that the "kraut chic" he met last week was "a fine piece of ass".

Tony will smile and nod in the right places, before telling George he's "like, really cool" and "the bestest at, like, everything, dude", before returning, in triumph, to America Lite proclaiming - "peace in our time".

Weezer - 'Say It Ain't So'

(Yes, i posted this at the other spot as well. A man's only got so much time to do this shit, you know)
Breaking celebrity news.

This morning I invite you good people to stop a moment to consider the plight of the humble celebrity. Sure they are annoying, often complain about the most trivial of things, take up vital newsprint and talk nonsense about subjects they don’t understand, but when it boils down to the nitty and, indeed, the gritty, they do provide some light relief in a tempestuous world.

Consider ‘The Hoff’. Only 17 years after unifying Germany with a potent combination of leather trousers and power chords, the man is the subject of scurrilous rumour and innuendo.

First, allegations of being drunk at Wimbledon are followed by allegations of insobriety at airports. There is a word for this, ladies and gentlemen, and that word is ‘persecution’. It's almost a mirror image of Jesus' own life. Why can’t the damn media not just accept ‘The Hoff’s’ explanation that it was merely the effects of antibiotics he was taking following a shaving accident – “the actor is said to have bumped into a chandelier at a London hotel while shaving last month and shards of glass from the light fell and cut his arm.”

I mean, who here can put hand on heart and say they haven’t bumped into a chandelier whilst shaving?

How soon we forget the majesty of “Hot Shot City”. To tear down this God from his place alongside Elvis Presley, Tiffany and MC Hammer atop the musical Mount Olympus is callous in the extreme. Brothers and sisters, I am having none of it. Do you hear?

I’ll bid you Good Day.

David Hasselhoff – ‘I Believe’
If there's a song which sums up the medieval philosophy of scholasticism, attempting to join faith to reason by synthesising theology with classical Greek and Roman thought, more succinctly than 'My Sharona' by The Knack, then i've certainly not heard it.
Are unsightly terrorists making your life a nightmare? Are your mornings blighted by the prospect of unmanageable extremists? Want to plan what to wear for that, oh so troublesome, terrorist attack?

If you answered, “Yes”, to any of those questions, then worry no more for the answer to your prayers is here.

Yes, friends. Today sees the launch, some say debut, of Britain’s brand new terror alert warning website. Nothing new for the cutting edge American market, perhaps, but for the European backwater that is the United Kingdom, this is a first.


“Look, mummy, we’re at ‘severe’ risk of a terrorist incident.”
“Best change that green dress to a red one, darling, you know the saying ‘red and green should never be seen’ and you know how those severed limbs do spatter so”

Ian Dury & the Blockheads – ‘What a Waste’