What Song Are You Listening To, Right Now?




I just did this three songs ago!

Who R U?

I'm presently in peace and quiet mode.

Sometimes it seems that everything that has ever entertained me
has either changed beyond all recognition
or ceased to exist altogether. It's not just music.

Thank goodness for old records, however.
When I can muster the initiative to play them,
I enjoy them,
but initiative doesn't come easily anymore,
and I do enjoy peace and quiet.....
as long as I can hear the traffic in the background.

We don't want to get too remote.
Come On Man.....tell me again your fantasy that the Chinese cant make steel.

It Gets Me HARD!

All Chinese Military equipment is made of Chinesium. Things like that don't work in real world scenarios or war.


Take that for what you will, but you know I'm not wrong.

If you don't, you're not the sharpest marble in the bag.