What Song Are You Listening To, Right Now?

"It will take at least a decade for the slant eyes to learn how to make high end chips....prob more like two!"

A year and a half later.......
China ain't made no high end chips yet, fucktard. I know what the fuck I'm talking about, do you?

I doubt they could make many with as much power as my CPU.
If you do understand reality then you are just another liar.
I think you're more ignorant than you're letting on about chip technology.

I know of dudes in Taiwan that like steak.

China can't make the chips, and that's why they fuck with Taiwan, but all they'll get is scorched earth, and not all of the best things are designed in the US, some are in Taiwan, and that's a fact.
Those dudes would rather die than surrender to ChiComs, I'll tell you that. That's a fact.
And the world will be set back 5-10 years computer wise.
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Our Proxies the Ukrainians routinely refer the the Russians as orcs, and treat them as such....

I mean Come On Man...Stupid hurts in this universe!
In think that people lie constantly on the internet....this is a Dark Age....by definition the people suck now.