All things beer thread.


Okay, here's a beer that's just plain insanely weird and has a price to match.


This is Brewdog's End of the World Beer and it comes in a bottle stuffed inside a dead squirrel...

Now I'll be the first to say the Scots are weird, but $500 to $700 for a bottle of beer stuffed inside a dead squirrel? It is 32 to 55% ABV so it's more like drinking a beer flavored bottle of scotch than beer I'd guess--not that I'd pay $500+ for a fucking bottle of beer...
Much more of a booze guy even though Im from the beeriest state in the country! :laugh: But when I do drink beer its Blue moon by a mile. Fantastic beer IMO. Creamy, yet less filling.
Anchor Porter

Tsing Tao - (the old formula before it changed)

A beer I had in a Philadelphia hotel that is only made for that chain of hotels.