All things beer thread.

I actually like this one the best, but it's not all that common:

Mexican beer is cheap like Budweiser.
What I am drinking now.

Domestic for me and mine. Wish Michelob was still around.

Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller, PBR, Rolling Rock, Busch Light, Miller Lite.

Germans turned me onto Warsteiner Dunkel. That's pretty good. Heineken, Moosehead and LaBatt's are alright, too.

Hipsters here probably say frappin' Yuengling. :rolleyes: I tried it, bleh!

If from NY there's always Genessee.

we got a little mexican place here, that has Michelob ON TAP.

no lie.
I like beer, but I'm not a typical beer drinker.
I have had friends that drank seven or eight bottles a night watching TV.
They're dead now. Could just be a coincidence.

I enjoy beer like I enjoy ice cream cones.
Who eats seven or eight ice cream cones?

My favorite beers are at the extremes of the spectrum;
really pale like Blue Moon or really dark like Guinness.
The ones in the middle are too alcohol tasting.