Happy insurrection day

The insurrection started in 1775, not on July 4, 1776.


So you are a traitor who wants to overthrow the government. Duly noted. I'm sure you are already being watched closely. Good luck.
Correct. Check out all of his pre-1/6 posts for more evidence. This one is a good example: https://www.justplainpolitics.com/threads/white-power.23614/

Note how he defends the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building. It's not the first time he's done so.

this is a crock of shit and assumes facts not in evidence. It attributes a racial aspect to an act of violence that has, at it's basis, a retaliation against a murderous federal government.
Something MAGAts, traitors and antiAmericans don't understand.

The important thing about July 4 is not the insurrection.

The insurrection started 16 months earlier in 1775 at Lexington and Concord.

What's important about July 4 is we declared that humans had a universal natural right to life and liberty, and our independence was being rooted in the principles of natural law