Happy insurrection day

What was the insurrection, Lefty?
Who replaced the government of the United States and deny and discards the Constitution of the United States?
That was Byrd's West Nazi Germany Virginia thieving US Constitution Bill of Rights arsonists as well Christian Nation SCOTUS Rehnquist Fourth Reich July "what is 9/11" Freudian slip......
You're free to think that Lexington and Concord were insignificant.
He never said any such thing, Sybil.
You're free to believe you're 100% right and I'm 100% wrong. On the Internet, everyone is equal just like Al Gore wanted. You and I know different even if you don't want to admit it.
Al Gore didn't build the internet, Sybil.
Yeah. Sybil denies having socks.
That you do. Yet you have socks. Then you try to blame others for your socks. You cannot blame anybody else for YOUR problems, Sybil.
Truth Detector denies being a troll.
Didn't you know, Sybil? EVERYONE's a troll!
It's good you claim to believe in God but your faith doesn't show in your posts.
You don't get to declare who is a 'True Christian', Sybil. You don't get to speak for God or anybody else.
I don't have time for socks, Sybil.
Blatant lie. You and your socks are YOUR problem.
The fact you deny your socks gfm7175 and IBDaMann continues to fascinate me because I think you are a paranoid schizo.
You cannot blame YOUR problem on me, gfm7175, or IBDaMann or anybody else, Sybil. As far as your mental condition, there is no treatment for it, unfortunately.